English Expertise*

Human Resources Support (Versione italiana)

  Candidate language skills testing and evaluation

We are pleased to present a comprehensive evaluation product for your recruitment needs.

How the service works:

      We meet with you to understand the candidate criteria

      We  help you evaluate CVs and select the best potential employees.

      We conduct English language skills testing -

a) general skills level test (ranking A1-C2 according to European   Council standards (see descriptions)

b) writing skills - translation from Italian to English

c) writing skills - translation from English to Italian

d) reading comprehension skills

e) speaking skills

      We interview, in English, using two types of questions

a) those which force the candidate to make use of particular grammar structures and sector specific vocabulary

b) those which will help identify the candidate's capabilities and career ambitions allowing us to assist you in finding the best possible match for your firm.

        We provide a written report on the candidate's strength and weaknesses and, in the case of multiple candidates, a comparison chart is generated.

 For further information please contact us at
engex @ english-expertise.net